Boulder County News & Updates Oil & Gas Development

Aug. 29, 2019 Contacts:
Kate Burke, Senior Assistant County Attorney, 303-441-3869
 Court Upholds COGCC Decisions on 8 North, LLC Lafayette and Boulder County have until late October to decide whether to appeal the decision to the Colorado Court of Appeals. Boulder County, Colo. – A Denver District Court judge has upheld decisions by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to approve oil and gas development applications by 8 North, LLC. In 2017, 8 North filed applications for two drilling units where it would operate a 32-well pad on the Weld County side of the Weld/Boulder border and a 20-well pad in Erie. After a contested hearing, the COGCC approved all of 8 North’s applications. The City of Lafayette and Boulder County appealed the COGCC’s decisions because of deficiencies in the COGCC’s decision-making process. The city and the county argued, among other issues, the COGCC should have required that 8 North provide written proof that it owned mineral interests in the units rather than merely relying on testimony from a company employee. — The Boulder County Commissioners have stated that the court’s decision will not impact Boulder County’s ongoing efforts to update regulations, including having the current moratorium in place, and that the county will continue to exert all efforts to actively protect Boulder County residents’ health and the environment.  Lafayette and Boulder County have until late October to decide whether to appeal the District Court’s decision to the Colorado Court of Appeals.
Oil & Gas Development in Boulder County Boulder County is concerned about the potential for significantly expanded oil and gas development in Boulder County and on county open space land.* We support appropriate tighter restrictions and increased local control to help mitigate the potentially hazardous impacts from these industrial activities. We pledge to continue to protect our local public health, safety, and the environment from the impacts of intensive oil and gas development using a multi-pronged approach of legislative, legal, environmental, and public health strategies. In 2017, Boulder County adopted the strongest set of regulations on oil and gas development in the State of Colorado. Read more on our Oil & Gas website. *Read the county’s Statement on Oil & Gas Development on Open Space.

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