Post Date: 08/09/2019 1:30 PM – In conjunction with the City of Longmont’s Pavement Management Program, crews will apply chip seal treatments to select area roadways through the week of August 12 and week of August 19.

Most of the areas selected for chip seal treatment are residential; higher traffic sections include Main Street (9thAvenue to 11th Avenue and 15th Avenue to 17th Avenue). This program is funded by the City’s 3/4 Street Fund Sales and Use Tax.

Chip sealing work consists of applying asphalt to a road surface followed by a layer of chips that essentially create a new surface on top of the road. During construction there may be instances where motorists will encounter loose chip material. Please drive slowly and cautiously during this interim phase. The days following the chip application, loose chips are removed and a sealant designed to seal the chips will be applied. This work is followed by roadway striping operations.

The chip seal process does not require closure of the affected streets, but there will be temporary delays during construction. Please note that access to residences and businesses will remain open. See all affected streets on the 2019 Chip Seal Street list shown in the table below.Chip sealing operations are part of the City’s Pavement Management Program.

The process is intended to extend the lifespan of the roadway and postpone larger reconstruction efforts that would require more expensive work and longer travel restrictions. While the City of Longmont strives to complete all projects on-time, work is weather dependent and there may be delays due to rain or other unfavorable working conditions.

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