Our summary of the City Council meeting July 30, 2019:

Agenda items vs. Friday meetings:

Basically suggestions between what items would become official Council Meeting topics or be “tabled”, put aside, until a separate “Friday meeting” could occur to further discuss the items and gather additional details before discussing in an open public meeting.

Those items tabled for a Friday meeting were:

1) RV Parking regulations – review and discuss “enforceable” changes to the current regulations because as one council member stated, “the current [regulations] are unacceptable”. It appears that enough residents and council members have had it with the camper/RV parking of non-residents in residential areas including in front of current taxpayer homes.

2) Safe Lots – These appear to be areas supported by some council members where the homeless and RV living non-property tax paying, non-residents could presumably congregate. No discussion if these areas would be current business location sites outside of Incorporated Longmont, current City owned properties, proposed purchase sites or confiscating someone’s private property, or if there was a donor.

3) Affordable Housing – Discussion whether there had been an agreement and vote on how to proceed with developing positive work agreements with contractors regarding how much of a percentage of affordable housing should be required or new construction housing projects.

There was discussion that could have set that floor as high as 25% but it was eventually decided that there needed to a better frame work of those requirements and perhaps agreement on exactly how to market those future decisions to garner buy-in from the best builders.

4.) Homelessness – Always a constant discussion in Longmont and there was agreement that this problem is at least somewhat connected to some of the above issues already discussed; including Affordable Housing requirements and the availability of “Safe Lots” etc.

5.) Metro Districts – No agreement on if there were sufficient guidance and/or any written criteria agreed to that would assist city management in that endeavor to officially propose what those locations would look like, nor any way for proper Council oversight and accountability.

So it was a put to a vote which resulted in 5-2 Vote in favor of NOT PROCEEDING in naming any Metro Districts until those definitions and criteria are in place.

Metro definition according to Fort Collins, Co.:
Metropolitan districts are quasi-governmental entities with taxing authority that are used to finance necessary public infrastructure and services that the City cannot otherwise provide. A metro district is a type of special district derived from Colorado’s Special District Act (Title 32, Article 1, Colorado Revised Statutes)

In Fort Collins, Metro Districts are formed to enhance the quality of development in the City. Metro districts enable development to deliver several City objectives and public benefits such as environmental sustainability, critical public infrastructure, affordable housing, and public spaces. The City’s previous Metro District policy, adopted in 2008, was created to support commercial development. The Metro District policy was revised in 2018 to also address the changing residential development market conditions.

The evening’s biggest item, however, was whether to move forward with the proposed ballot measure asking voters to either approve or disapprove raising taxes to fund a $50+ million dollar Ice and Aquatic Center in Longmont. It was very interesting listening to voter’s talking points both, in favor and against the proposed ballot measure but one person’s question about the measure no one appeared to have an answer for or no one felt that they wanted to answer themselves; “Why build something that 5, 10 [MAYBE] 20% of the tax payers would use while taxing 100% of the people?” (Brings back the old school tax and highway tax arguments of yester-year.)

Council Members ultimately voted IN FAVOR of allowing the ballot measure to move forward on this year’s ballot and let the Longmont voters decide.

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