The No-Shame Food Pantry: Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month located at…

The Presbyterian Church located on 15th St. and Hover St. (Westview Presbyterian Church)

FREE OF CHARGE on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month between 2 pm- 7 pm.

Do you need help with food, for whatever reason? New to town and don’t have a job setup? Taking care of an elderly or disabled family member? Short on cash this week? College student trying to make ends meet? Declaring bankruptcy and you don’t have any food because you paid an attorney? Lost your job and you know food is going to be scarce? Or do you know someone who simply needs the help?

Well this article is for you!

There is a fantastic place one can go to in town which does NOT carry some of the requirements that may restrict or prevent someone from seeking help in the first place or getting the immediate help they may need to overcome some obstacle that has come up. That’s where places like the Westview Presbyterian Church and their creation, The Round Pantry, located at the corner of 15th and Hover come in providing value to individuals and the community at the same time.

They don’t discriminate on looks, ID’s, etc. If you are there, you will be helped. Period. No questions. No looks. No judgments. Just complete a minimal amount of paperwork and you’re on your way.

These valuable services are provide FREE OF CHARGE on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month between 2 pm- 7 pm.

Yes you read that correctly. Obviously this is not the normal type of Food Bank it’s a Food Pantry Would free food – once or more often – help you and your family? ALL ARE WELCOME at the ROUND PANTRY at Westview Presbyterian Church TOMORROW/Tuesday between 2 and 7 pm. On free city bus #26. Lots of parking. Open each 2nd and 4th Tuesday. At 15th and Hover.

Our guests include seniors, singles, families of all sizes, job seeking, unexpected expenses, school start costs drained your grocery budget, whatever – no need to tell us why you are coming. ALL ARE WELCOME.

No income qualifications and minimal paperwork. They request some form of ID and (once a year) an electric bill or car registration etc showing local address, but if you need food we will get you food. Protein, cereal, milk, pasta, LOTS of seasonal fresh produce, breads, desserts and more (as always dependent on availability and donations). Shoppers choice on a first come first to shop basis, so there may well be a wait but chairs are available inside and then you make choices from the various categories.

Also please REMEMBER that food is restocked throughout the afternoon – so sometimes the “best” choices are mid or late, and there are choices the entire time of distribution. No need to be first in line in order to get food – they won’t run out!

Extra nutrition for pregnant and nursing moms, baby food, and toddler snacks (up to age 5). There MAY be some gluten free, low salt or extra ready-to-eat (no cooking required) items- but all categories depend on donation so are limited and may not be available (a polite inquiry to volunteers will be appreciated).

ALL ARE WELCOME. So tell a friend, or maybe make a new one as you wait. (Or sit quietly inside or outside after you check in, as works for you.)

WHERE: 15th and Hover, at Westview Presbyterian Church. Plenty of parking, and on bus line #326. Enter from door furthest from Hover. Shoppers in sequence use the shopping carts to make choices so there may be a bit of a wait, but chairs are available inside. Boxes and bags provided, but you may bring your own if you want to.

Food includes: organic milk and other dairy, cereal, protein, rice, pasta, a variety of canned goods, fresh produce, bread and desserts.

Doors open at 2, so there is no benefit to coming way early. Items are put out throughout the afternoon, so that those who come at 645 still have access to food choices and you can come anytime that works for you.

Special section for pregnant / nursing moms, infants, and toddler snacks. Some items have greater quantity for larger families, many are one per household. There MAY be gluten free, and non dairy milk. Likewise, some items MAY be available for those without access to cooking, but it depends on donations each time we open. We cannot provide separate sections for special diets.

Most food comes from Community Food Share, and members of Westview and other churches and individuals. ALL ARE WELCOME. Please pass on the invitation.

  • Description: In spring 2010, Westview’s Round Pantry, a member agency of Community Food Share (CFS), opened to serve the hungry in Longmont. The pantry is open 2-7 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month for anyone in need of food. Food supplies come from the CFS warehouse and from members who donate items for the shelves, refrigerator, and freezer of the Pantry. Nonperishable items can be left in labeled tubs at any time. Perishable items can be taken to the Round Pantry on the Sundays before the second and fourth Tuesdays of a month before the worship service begins so that a volunteer can store them at the appropriate temperature. There are many Pantry tasks for which volunteers are needed.

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